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     To play Highlander RPG on IRC chat you need to know some basic stuff so we all know what is what!

First their are some basic IRC functions you must use to play properly...
     To set your charicters name type /nick (name)
Any actions you might make, such as atack another player, you must first type /me
To speek just type (this is why you must type /me first so we do not git confused)
     To speek out of charicter type it in <<>>. For example <<how are you?>>

You must have a Charicter Sheet to play! I will ask you to send it to me (in .txt) form when you join the channel.

How To...

You will be interacting with outher charicters in a Sim-World. More than likly you will fight outher players, to gain "Quickining Points". Some Charicters you create will not live long at all, outhers may be around a long time. The winner of a fight will be determend by your attack points pluss your "Quickining points" times the dice you roll. -Vs- defense points pluss quickining points times number on dice. Now, here is what the heck Im talking about... In your chericter sheet (or Bio) you will have 10 points to use any way you wish, between attack and defense. (examples Attack:5 Defense:5, Atack:1 Defense:9) the only thing is you must have at least 1. (0 would destroy the a+qXr) Quickining points are how amnny heads you have taken. You begin with one. The gm will help you keep ackurate records. And you roll the dice by typing !roll 1 1d6   and the HighlanderBot will tell you a random number from 1-6. Rember to type that EXACTLY!
When you fight you will type your attack/quickining and the person who you asked to fight will type defense/quickining. And both will rool. ex 5/3

Ok, now git your bio, fill it out and join  channel #HighlanderRPG and welcome! Remember, have fun!