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Welcome to my Highlander RPG

Role Playing games can be fun and you often git very involved with your charicter. This RPG is Chat (irc) based. All you need to do to join is have an IRC program. If you don't have one click on the mIRC link below to download it! We ask that you please read the Rules and How to first. And click on the picture of the sword below to fill out the Chericter form. You WILL need a charicter sheet to be able to join the game. You may have a difrent charicter every time if you wish! You must keep track of how many quickinings you have. (If you want a difrent chericter each time please get a bio here, and fill it out. If you want to use a chericter for a while, fill out a form by clicking on the sword. Thanks!)

When you begin, your charicter is assumed dead for the first time (this is the age your charicter will stay). More than likley you will fight outher imortals. Who wins the fight is determend by the numbers you chose in your charicter sheet. You will DCC send your sheet to me or any outher asstent GM (game master), who is somone with an @ in befor there nickname. This is to keep it fair when you fight, and type your attack/quickining and roll. If you win the fight you MUST keep good records so your "Quickining points" will be acuret. For more info, please click on Rules and How to above. Any questions can be E-Mailed to me at